Jonas King lab

Jonas King and student in the lab

Dr. Jonas King grew up spending time between North Mississippi and Southern Arizona. Growing up between the Sonoran Desert and the Mississippi swamps, he was interested in becoming a naturalist from a young age. He worked his way up through the Mississippi Community College system (NWMCC) and received his Baccalaureate degree from Ole Miss in Biology and Chemistry in 2002. He then stayed on to complete a master's degree studying the molecular systematics of beetles. Dr. King then moved to Vanderbilt University to pursue his Ph.D. in molecular biology. Here, he began studying host-parasite interactions in mosquitoes. Following the completion of his Ph.D., Dr. King completed postdoctoral research at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health where he studied human malaria and at the USDA-ARS Foreign Disease-Weed Science Research Center in Fort Detrick, Maryland, where he studied a bacterial select agent. Dr. King is happy to have returned to his native Mississippi to teach and instruct graduate and undergraduate researchers. His current research focuses broadly on host-pathogen interactions and arthropod disease vectors. Feel free to contact him if you are interested in joining the lab.